Commons of Yesterday, Commons of Today. Urban Horticulture in Modena, Italy. 1980-2015.

Photographic/historical exhibition. Archival research, Map design, Panel layout, 24 pictures, available here. Exhibition made for UNDISCIPLINED ENVIRONMENTS- International Conference of the European Network of Political Ecology (ENTITLE), Royal Insitute of Technology, Stockholm, 20-23 of March 2016.

EuroVision Lab. One object/Many Visions/Eurovisions . First exhibition of EMEE project, at MNZS, Ljubljana, 2015.

Identity design in Slovene and English (flyer, guide/newspaper, catalogue, panels, memory game) for the exhibition according to the corporate identity set by EMEE.Commissioned by MNZS-National Museum of Contemporary History.Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2015

GOTO 1982. Exhibition at Technical museum in Bistra, Slovenia.

Timeline with the history of computer, design of a 80 x 400 cm panel. Commissioned by MNZS - National Museum of Contemporary History.Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2013

Mutilati ed invalidi di guerra. Una storia politica.

Graphic design for the exhibition organized for the annual meeting of ANMIG.2012

1989-2009 BERLIN

Identity and communication for the photographic exhibition "1989-2009 Berlin" organized during the fall 2009 in two different locations of Modena.