pixelife #1: uncertainty in technology.

The first part of pixelife tells a quite common story: the difficulty and frustration of maintaining long-distance relationships, even today, despite the level of technological progress that the world has reached. In April 2013, during some video calls on skype, my connection crashed many times: though it was still possible to talk, but without the video. the only thing you could see was a background of pixels. here some screenshots that perfectly reveal the fascinating complexity of the contemporary world.

2013-04-06 at 12.51.03

2013-04-06 at 12.51.35

2013-04-06 at 12.52.03

2013-04-07 at 15.29.33

2013-04-07 at 17.31.08

2013-04-13 at 15.32.20

self-pixelation on skype

pixelife #2: memories from a planned future.

The second part of pixelife keeps exploring the connections between memories and uncertainty. past and future are here shaken through the lens of technology: the pixelation of pictures reveals the absence of sharpness typical of both our memories (past) and dreams (future?). In this part on pixelife project has been explored the peculiar view of the future experienced by east european countries during the second half of the XX century: what historians and architects calls 'an unfinished modernisation'. here some pictures directly from my personal analog memories of east european landscapes, originally taken with an old, manual and mechanic camera, then printed, scanned and remixed through a pixelation process.

pixelife #3: metropolitan nightscapes

The third part of pixelife goes further deep into the relationship between memories and uncertainty. The City and the Night: tales of empty, dark and uncertain spaces.